Alumni gets banner placed on east wall of Rock Rink

Large vinyl pennant reads: ‘Home of the St. Marys Lincolns’

By Pat Payton

‘Home of the St. Marys Lincolns’

A banner, with those words blazed across it, was placed on the east wall of the PRC’s Rock Rink on Tuesday morning of this week. Using PRC equipment, the banner was put up by Forman Electric, free of charge, and it’s hanging just below the End Zone room.

The heavy-duty vinyl pennant is 16 ft. long by 4 ft. high. The 18-inch and nine-inch white lettering is on a green background. The Lincs’ crest is also on the banner, along with the year (1956) the team was established.

“It’s the exact same material that I used to make the Legion (Veteran) banners,” said Ben Gerber, owner of Gerber’s Graphics (formerly Distinct Decals).

The banner project was spearheaded by the 10-member Lincolns’ Alumni committee, which was formed in 2018 and now has over 100 members. The banner idea started one night when two members of the committee, Mike Mattiussi and Mike Brogden, got talking during a Lincs’ home game.

“I thought the old Lincolns banner (on the west wall) looked tired,” Mattiussi recalled. “I decided to price a vinyl banner with Ben (Gerber), who did the Veterans banners here in town. The old banner didn’t have a crest, so it was time for an update.”

“Stunning” is the word Mattiussi used to describe the new banner. “I think it’s going to look really nice up there,” he said last week.

Brogden credits Mattiussi for doing the lion’s share of the work to get the banner project off the ground. “Mike seldom takes credit for things that are done with the Alumni, but he really is a strong leader,” Brogden said. “He should be recognized for that.”

Both Mattiussi and Brogden have connections to All-Ontario Jr. ‘B’ teams in St. Marys. Mattiussi played for the 1962-63 team which won St. Marys’ first Sutherland Cup title. Brogden was manager of the 1975-76 team which captured the Lincolns’ second provincial championship.

“The Lincolns are important to the town,” Brogden added. “The team is well-known, no matter where you go.”